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1¡¢Temperature test kits consist of twenty 3/4" (19mm) temperature indicators with ratings from 125F/ 52C to 800F/427C and a special holder. They are intended for use by researchers, experimenters, technicians, and people who do other heat-related operations. 2¡¢Tempilstiks indicators are made of materials that are guaranteed to melt within 1% of their rated temperature. Mark the workpiece before heating begins. The dry opaque Tempolstik mark will change to a distinct melted mark when the temperature rating of the selected Tempilstik has been reached. A few of the hundreds of uses for Tempilstiks include: Determining surface temperatures during welding and metal fabrication including preheat, postheat, annealing and stress relieving. Determining operating temperatures of bearings, transformers, steam traps, molds, PC board preheaters, motors, electronic components, hydraulic systems, commercial irons, hot plates and heat exchangers. 3¡¢Temperature Indicating Liquid is Tempilstik material suspened in a quick-drying inert vehicle. It is available in the same temperature ratings as Tempilstiks and with the same 1% accuracy. Tempolaq should be used on surfaces which cannot be easily marked with a Tempilstik, such as polished metal, glass, plastics, rubber, fabrics or electronic components.